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Improving P2P in Cloud Computing based on Performance

Published on None 2011 by Sarada.B.S, Nagarajan.S
Computational Science - New Dimensions & Perspectives
Foundation of Computer Science USA
NCCSE - Number 2
None 2011
Authors: Sarada.B.S, Nagarajan.S

Sarada.B.S, Nagarajan.S . Improving P2P in Cloud Computing based on Performance. Computational Science - New Dimensions & Perspectives. NCCSE, 2 (None 2011), 62-65.

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%0 Special Issue Article
%1 Computational Science - New Dimensions & Perspectives
%A Sarada.B.S
%A Nagarajan.S
%T Improving P2P in Cloud Computing based on Performance
%J Computational Science - New Dimensions & Perspectives
%@ 0975-8887
%N 2
%P 62-65
%D 2011
%I International Journal of Computer Applications

Cloud computing platform is a set of scalable large-scale data server clusters, it provides computing and storage services to customers. The basic study about the architecture of current cloud computing system shows that it’s a central structured one; i.e. All the data nodes are indexed by a master server, but when the number requests increases it may become bottle neck of the system. This research paper is about a cloud storage architecture based on P2P with fault tolerance. Here the central entity is removed and all servers are interconnected to form a ring structure. When one of the servers fails, the work will be taken over by any of the best performing servers. The confidentiality and integrity of data passed in between the servers is also maintained using MAC algorithm.

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Computer Science
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Cloud computing fault tolerance P2P storage